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Highlighted Programs

Highlighted Programs

Harvard University offers learning activities, events, and programs to our friends and neighbors in Allston-Brighton, Boston, and Cambridge on our campuses and in your communities.

The Cambridge-Harvard Summer Academy provides summer courses in science, math, English, and social studies to Cambridge students.
Science in the News is a graduate student public service organization that hosts a free seminar series for the public aimed at explaining and discussing today’s hottest scientific topics.
CMES offers professional development, cultural programming, materials on Middle East culture and religions, downloadable lesson plans, and public lectures.
An educational program for local 7th-graders with the goal of providing early, on-campus experiences to local students to help raise their educational aspirations. Program include visits with undergraduates and classroom tours.
The Harvard Allston Workforce Collaborative program offers free career exploration workshops and computer skills classes for Allston-Brighton adult residents who are active job seekers.


The Harvard Allston Education Portal (Ed Portal) is a vibrant space that fosters learning and exploration for Allston-Brighton residents of all ages.

Learn more about what's happening at the Ed Portal.


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